Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Man Is Dead.


I never got what Mr. Beer 'N Hockey got from the guy and all he did.

But I did hear a really interesting anecdote about Lou Reed that came from John Cale during his recent interview with Marc Maron.

Cale and Maron were discussing the early days - the days before the Velvets made that album that spawned a million bands, despite the fact only a few thousand actually bought the thing on the first go round.

And Cale got to talking about busking on the streets of New York with the not-so-sweet (at least back then) Lou.

And what was really interesting to me was not so much what Reed was doing musically but, instead, the way he did it.

Which was to challenge passers by to actively hate what he was up to.


As somebody who has tried a little of the busking thing where, essentially, you are begging members of the passing crowd to like what you are doing, Reed's approach tells me that he was never going to wait for any man to let him do his own thing.

Which says a lot, I reckon.



kootcoot said...

An example of only the good die young, folks like Les Paul and Earl Hines being exceptions that "prove" the rule.

I guess Lou ain't "Waiting for his Man" anymore and has gone to see him upstairs.

By the way, that is certainly surprising but very good news about the TI.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I'm not going to look it up just now but I think Lou died at the very same age Bukowski did. I may have to reconsider my own life expectancy.