Sunday, November 03, 2013

Hey, Weather Network!.....Stop Scaring People.


We're hiring where I work.

More specifically, we're looking for a couple of full on science geeks of the young and impressionable variety.

Which means that we had a kid come up from the Bay Area  this afternoon that I had to meet for dinner so that I could calm his nerves/prepare him for the onslaught to come over the next two days that will include 15 one-on-one interviews, a formal seminar, a chalk-talk/grill session to talk about research goals/plans, and an exit interview late Tuesday.



This is not a big deal for me as I'm an old hand at this kind of thing.


Last night I got a panicked E-Mail from him about all the terrible/awful/no-good/disaster weather we apparently had coming.

And while it had been sprinkling and a little windy when I walked the Whackadoodle a few minutes earlier there was nothing really untoward going down that I could see.

So I checked around, and....

Apparently, this fear that gripped the kid (who is, admittedly, used to the extreme benignity that is San Francisco weather) came from codswallop like the following that he obtained from 'credible' interwebzy-type sources:

10 'additional' millimeters of rain?

In Vancouver?

And this is unusual/problematic how, exactly, in early November, particularly when it is backed with the beautiful day we had today?



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