Friday, November 15, 2013

It's Sweater Day.


Term's not far from over...

Which means today is the day I stand in front of the class wearing my favourite sweater, pictured above, that my Grandma knitted for me back when I was still in Gradual School.

Which is a long time ago now.

All is explained here.



karen said...

I enjoy this story every year.
My offspring has a big heavy curling sweater her great grandpa made for his son. It makes both me and my dad really happy to see her in it.

RossK said...

Curling sweater?

Probably weighs 10 times what mine weighs.

Need all that padding, I reckon, to protect against those rye-whiskey induced falls.

(just sayin' my experiences at least)

Again, for the record, best curling song I know...