Friday, November 01, 2013

How Long Has Our Frummy Been Making Plans For Nigel?


From May of 2013, parroting a whole lot of other Confolk doin' the 'talking points lock-step'  schtick on the Twittmachine (as compiled for you by Kady)...


Why does the Prince of Darkness-lovin' Mr. Frum hate Canada so much?

Header earworm buggin' you?.....This!
Why do I write these things?....Well...I have a memory and I'm going to use it.
Oh, and then there's the remote, yet somehow distinct, possibility that I could (perhaps/maybe) be just another one of those 'idiot' bloggers who should be 'ignored' by those that really matter...But more on that later.


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North Van's Grumps said...


You're behind the "Who said it Lately" Bus

Senior Conservatives pull Nigel Wright out from under Harper's bus

"I've know Nigel a long time, he's a very principled individual, he's somebody who is honest, he's worked hard for our party in the past," MacKay said.

"That's my opinion, that's my view of Nigel."