Saturday, November 02, 2013

Saturday Night's Alright For (NoUkes!) Cover Fighting...


First, the Original, by the real original...

Next, the Cover, by those Timmins kids that slow everything to it's most essential essence of essences...

Last night, when the Geezers slipped this one in during rehearsal for our coming holiday shows, they accused me of trying to junkify it...They were right...But then again.... I try my best to do that to pretty much everything.
About the parenthetical part of the header?....It's the flip (not wilson) side of an old Saturday night bit 'round here.



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Could live without rock 'n' roll videos all in all, or so I figure, but there I was last night watching the brilliant "Berlin" film last night wiping tequila and San Peligrino tears from my eyes. Soon I will have the vhs hooked back up to watch a couple older videos. Some people like to go out dancing, others go to work in a sawmill on Monday morning.

RossK said...


Lemme know when that VHS machine is back up and running and I'll send you my appropriately formatted copy of 'Where The Buffalo Roam'.