Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Hope That Someone Gets My...

...Message In A Bottle.

You can find the entire story of how someone did get a little kid's message, many years later, at this link from the good folks at CBC's 'All Points West':

And, ya....The original message was written by 'that' kid.



karen said...

I wonder why that makes me tear up?
What a nice story.

RossK said...

The nurse lady who tracked us down was just so darned nice.

When she finally got a hold of us she expected the kid who wrote the note to still be just that.

A kid, I mean (she had no way of knowing that it had been written fifteen years earlier).

But she sent the treasure for E. anyway.

Then, when you hear that grown-up kid on the radio, well...

You know...

Lacrimal glands kinda go a little wild all over.