Friday, November 08, 2013

The Real Story About The De-Regulation Shuffle


In case you missed it, Ian Reid is back.

And this time he's talking de-regulation:

"...(The proMedia seems to have just) woken up to some of the small problems associated with thirty years of deregulation. But it sounds so sexy to pop off those little red tape items: like shooting the teddy bears at the fair as your boyfriend grips your arm a little harder each time that pop gun goes off.

But let’s get real. People dead? A town destroyed? Isn’t that just a bit too high a price to pay to make it easier for the private sector to make more money?..."


Here's hoping for many, many more posts from Mr. Reid.


And one more thing.

I owe Ian something, for which I apologize in advance (especially for making it more like Tweedy and less like Bowie)...

Paul Willcocks has the details on what happens when you take de-regulation right to the end of the line...
Off topic, but....Honestly herd-media of Lotuslandia...When it comes to so-called framework 'agreements' can you not figure out that 2+2=4 (not five)?...In other words, either Ms. Clark caved massively on the five points for pipelines thing or she was making stuff up from the very beginning....Of course, those two things are not necessarily mutually exclusive when it comes to the utterances of our 'Say Anything' Premier.


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