Monday, November 25, 2013

This Day In Snookland...Real Lackeys Don't Jump...



Update: Had the messenger and the jumper backwards in original version...Thanks to persey for the heads-up on my dundatorialness.

A small CP wire-type item from late last week that generated little more than the tiniest of ripples on the otherwise placid Lotuslandian proMedia waters:

VICTORIA - The chairman of BC Ferries board of directors has announced the resignation of a board member.

Donald P. Hayes gave no reason for Guy D. Johnson's resignation, which took effect on Friday...


I have no idea if the good Mr. Johnson jumped ship for all the right reasons given the recent decisions of the BC Ferries board.

But, in the eyes of the ever manipulative media mavens of Snooklandia, I'm pretty sure that, regardless the true reasons, the timing of Mr. Johnson's resignation alone was enough to get his name scratched out of any and all rolodexes marked 'lackey' with permanent marker.


And, if you have a moment or three to spare/absolutely nothing better to do, check out the comments attached to the wire fluff on the CTV site linked-to above, or those attached to, essentially the same bit o' fluff posted on the VSun site...The overwhelming cynicism mixed with ignorance seemed to have resulted in a total inability of most commenters to even begin to contemplate what actually might have gone down (i.e. the possibility, given the timing, that the good Mr. Johnson may have resigned for all the right reasons) is simply astounding...Then again, if the proMedia just floats out press release codswallop/announcements without digging?...Well...What should we expect?....Of course, such low expectations coupled with high ignorance are precisely what those manipulative media mavens mentioned above count on...Right?



persey said...

The way I read the story, Hayes was the messenger, it was Guy D. Johnson who presumably chose not to be associated with the board.

RossK said...


You are right persey.

Will fix.


Grant G said...


Norm Farrell said...

I for one wrote a comment and it was not passed by CTV moderators. Was it abusive or profane? You judge,

"From 2009 to 2013, BC Ferries directors collected $3.3 million in fees from this publicly owned service. Companies with which directors were associated donated more than $1.3 million to BC Liberals.

There are 18 directors on two boards plus the Ferry Commission, which rewards two people six figures for part-time work, "overseeing" BC Ferries. In total, 20 patronage jobs. Yet, when policy decisions are made, as announced by Minister Stone last week, it is government that decides, not the well paid directors and commissioners.

By the way, Washington State Ferries paid its CEO 10% of what David Hahn earned and pays now about 25% of what Mike Corrigan is paid. WSF has no boards of directors; instead it takes advice from unpaid advisory boards made up of ferry users in served communities and, of course, direction from political masters at the Department of Transportation. Washington State Ferries has not been losing traffic at the rate that BC Ferries is losing.

BC Ferries

RossK said...


Of course it is not.

Either, abusive or profane, I mean.

However, it does contain quite a bit of publicly available, factually accurate information that is both useful and enlightening for the electorate.

Interestingly, it is also something that the fine folks at BellGlobeCTVEverythingElseMedia (as well as the majority of their counterparts at other fine corporately-owned Lotuslandian outlets) appear to be unwilling to report on and/or comment upon in any depth whatsoever.


Could that, perhaps, be their real problem with what you wrote I wonder?