Thursday, November 07, 2013

The ALR And He...


...“Nothing that the core review process could potentially do would reduce the protection for farmland in British Columbia,” he said. “Bottom line. There is nothing that we would contemplate that would reduce or undermine the central principle of the Agricultural Land Reserve, which is the protection of farmland and the sustainability of farming.”...

The quote above is from former turdstorm starter Mr. Bill Bennett and it will be one to remember as the deals start to go down.


Because the quote comes from Mark Hume's most excellent Globe piece on an apparent cabinet level plan to dismantle the Agricultural Land Commission so that the Snooklandians can let their paymasters run wild under the protective guise of the Oil and Gas Commission.

Yes, you did read that correctly.

The Oil and Gas Commission.



I know I've been pretty snarky lately when it comes to Ms. Clark et al. and what she and hers (and those that pull their strings) are up to.

But this, the selling off of the province to those that have done the playing to pay (i.e. not you and me), really does appear to be their true agenda.

And it is not a new one.

New agenda, I mean.




persey said...

Pretty difficult to oversnark when discussing our "re-elected" premier.

Her every word, every action invites snarkiciousness. Don't beat yourself up :)

cfvua said...

The OGC as originally conceived and set up was a ver good organization. Good enough to draw fire from the pay to play crowd in Cowgary and residents of BC as well. But residents lost out and a change of governance put in place by the Gordon virus with assistance from senator Dick satisfied the pay to play folks. No teeth=no bite= no effect. Ag land to these people is expendable as they get their steaK in a restaurant. Two of BC'S largest community pastures are being decimated by shale gas development. What will be next??

kootcoot said...

persey beat me to it but I will reiterate,

"I know I've been pretty snarky lately when it comes to Ms. Clark et al."

It is impossible to be overly snarky about these sorry excuses for humans.

Can one take a bit of hope from seeing criticism from the non-Conrad Black's normally cheerleader rag as pointed out by Norm Farrell. Or is the non-Conrad just peeved that the libs haven't started showering him with money to build his ridiculous refinery yet, you know the one they should build in Hell, I mean AlbaTurda!

RossK said...

Thanks koot and persey--

Mostly, I feel a little sheepish because these days I don't have time to do the real digging like Norm is doing....Also, back in the RailGate days the work of the group (aka 'cult' according to the Dean and Keef) helped focus things.

As to the non-Post Media slant stuff...Not really sure...We need to hear from somebody more in the know on that


Great insight cfvua, thanks--

My observations suggested the big turn came awhile before now Senator Dick went to Enron...More precisely when a fine fellow named Simons made like Lee Majors (i.e. became the 'Six Million Dollar Oil and Gasbag Man').

But, again, that is just observational...I am not an insider.

(although, as Yogi once said...."You can observe a lot just by watching")


kootcoot said...

Don't feel sheepish, but who the hell is Senator Dick and Simons?

RossK said...


Hit the link above and then this...