Monday, November 18, 2013

The Golden Era's Long, Rusted Tail....What David Hahn Wrought.


Update Monday Evening: Norm Farrell explains where our Sparkle Ponies marked 'BC Ferries' are really going, here.

But wait!

There's more...

This from Christy Clark's Minister of 'Transportation' Todd Stone, as reported by the CBC:

"...Stone also announced seniors discounts on the routes will be cut.

"As of April 1, 2014, the current 100 per cent passenger fare discount received by B.C. seniors (65 and older) travelling Monday to Thursday will be reduced to 50 per cent on major and minor routes..."



As we noted on the weekend, there is absolutely no need to wait until 2046 for LNG-bred Sparkle Ponies to start falling from the sky to pay for stuff we actually need right now.

Instead, we could just stop giving them away for free (or worse) to the cronies with their hands out.


Of course, this is not something that should be discussed in the Legislature that the the Snooklandians have battened down tight for the duration, right?
And recall, if you will, just how much some Lotuslandian proMedia folks appreciated Mr. Hahn's 'approach', especially when it wasn't all encumbered by crazy stuff/concerns/issues raised by superfluous, stubborn people like, say, the people's representatives that kept said proMedia folks waiting occasionally.



Anonymous said...

Shadows of the fall of Rome.

Let the dancing begin:


James King said...

Funny thing about cutting those discounts...the last few times I've been on a midweek sailing I'd have bet somewhere between 50 and 60% of the customers on board were sailing on the province's dime.

I'd bet those folks (who eat and drink coffee and pay for their cars) may well decide to stay at Krugman points out in today's column in the NYT - moving into depression-era economics is just going to make things worse.

North Van's Grumps said...

If the taking of Wheel Chairs wasn't bad enough for our Seniors just before the election, what will those silver haired citizens do NOW that their Free Days on the BC Ferries has been passed by an OIC?

Wait for three and half years to the next election and really put their feet down on these BC Liberals

Anonymous said...

BC will not survive, Harper and the BC Liberals until the next election. Christy Clark and Harper, prorogued Parliament and Legislature at the same time. Harper and Christy, had to get the sell-out of BC's natural gas to China.

China also wants the timber and the mines on, Vancouver Island. I believe, this is in the works, as we speak.

China paid for 800 hectares at Prince Rupert. I gather that is where, China will be building their LNG plants.

As for Christy's 100,000 jobs? Pfffft. Any resource jobs in BC are given mostly, to Communist China. Such as, the 200 BC mine jobs, that were given to China too.

e.a.f. said...

People aren't using the ferries because they cost too much. Between low wages adn the high cost of living people simply can't afford what they once did.

The B.C. Ferries has a deficient because old el gordo ran up a huge bill with the German banks and instead of getting a 3% interest rate, he got 10%. If the interest rate dropped to 3%, the deficiet, at B.C. Ferries, would be pretty much gone.

RossK said...

Thanks eaf--

Agree completely.

Norm Farrell has the numbers.

In graphic form.


chuckstraight said...

I guess that pretty well eliminates moving to Vancouver Island to retire. One of the points made at the retirement seminar was that seniors still got a good rate.