Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In The Midst Of All This Plenty...A Decade Of Children Going Down



We all know that British Columbia is a 'have' province.

So, given all that, why do we keep 'having' the following?

A coalition of advocacy groups says British Columbia's child poverty rate is the highest in Canada, at almost 19 per cent.

First Call says the most recent Statistics Canada numbers peg the rate of child poverty at 18.6 per cent in 2011, up from 14.3 per cent in 2010.

The coalition of provincial and regional child, youth and family advocacy groups notes that one in five B.C. children, or 153,000 kids, is living in poverty...


Of course, the question above was rhetorical.

Because the answer is as completely clear, although it can only be seen if you are willing to dive to the bottom of a very deep pool that is filled to bursting with corrosive, cretinous, not to mention obfuscatory, codswallop that has been mass-produced up by an army of slithering PAB-Bots, Think-Tank Quislings and Twit-Wits since 2001.

And now, as a result, our most vulnerable are now being forced by Ms. Clark and friends to live with the destroyed social safety net that Mr. Campbell and his 'Golden Era' cronies ripped to shreds, on purpose with malice aforethought.

Which is the real reason why last May's provincial election really, really mattered.



Here's to the lies of the Era's Spinners. 
In the midst of all this plenty, a decade of children going down. 
The seniors who need our help most, are shuffled round and round. 
The helpless and most vulnerable are shouted down by clowns.
Here's to the land that you tore out the heart of. 
Era's liars find yourself another Province to be part of. 

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e.a.f. said...

And to add to the ugly rate of child poverty, they are increasing B.C. Hydro rates. This will result in more child poverty. There are no corresponding increases in wages, welfare, or disability benefits.

When people voted for the lieberals, they voted for increased child poverty. Hope they like what they got.

As to seniors, it has become more difficult for them. However, many are quite capable of voting, as are their families. Many voted lieberal. Children can't vote.

The dummy is in China having a lovely time. Have a look at her interview with an english language news reporter in China. She is actually talking a trillion dollars and 100K in jobs. Now they know, as many of us do here, how dumb she really is.

Instead of flouncing around China she ought to come home, open the Legislature so the government can explain the high rate of child poverty in this province.

And again to all of you who voted for child poverty, thanks again. You reap what you sow. This will come back to haunt us.

Parents will have fewer dollars to feed their children with once the B.C. Hydro rates are increased, again.

RossK said...


The fact that child poverty and BC Hydro (and BC Ferries, and N. Gateway, and fake 'clean' gas) would be the first topics of discussion and debate is precisely the reason why Ms. Clark will not come home and open the legislature.


e.a.f. said...

RossK, you are quite correct. However, one can hope.

We know now the MSM isn't going to be giving the subject any indepth coverage. Perhaps the other 3 poltical parties might want to try for public comment. its not like they are busy in the legislature. if they aren't too busy contemplating their navels perhaps they could send a letter to the editors of their local newspapers and keep the issue in the public's eye. well i can hope.

Anonymous said...

The leg. is too limiting for our rock-star Premier. Since she and her roadies seem to be on a permanent tour, why don't we just get on with the pseudo business of our pseudo government...there is nothing stopping the NDP from forming a semi-permanent parallel sitting at say SFU or UBC--a live feed could be streamed online.

The ruling party could be formed by (poli-sci?) students. Student bodies have formed student parliments as an instructional device, this just steps it up a notch...