Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This Afternoon In Snookland (Northern Division)....Who Loves The Pimminator?



Apparently, not his constituents.

At least not so much.

Because, according to Elections BC, in the last campaign individuals and businesses donated a grand total of $9,175 directly to Mr. Pimm, $8,525 of which came in dollops of more than $250.

Which means that the little guys and gals of Peace River North (i.e. folks who gave Mr. Pimm $250 or less) donated a whopping total of $650.



How did Mr. Pimm make the nut?


As you may have already surmised, the Snooklandian party gave him $106,126 (i.e. 163 times that donated by the little guys 'n gals).

Guess that explains who Mr. Pimm is really beholden to, eh?

Went on this little hunt to see if there was any evidence that the fine fellow who wants to build the rodeo gave big money to Mr. Pimm...Could find nothing whatsoever that was overt/explicit...
And where do the Snooklandians get their money....Well, you know...
Of course, Mr. Pimm's asymmetric fundraising is not the exception...Which is why Vicki Huntington's re-election as an independent was so impressive...



Unknown said...

Interesting story. McLeod's horse park seems to be a very ambitious undertaking. Researching the board of directors might be useful. I note that the RCMP and a usually Liberal friendly car dealership figure prominently in their advertising. Appears thatthey have already starting digging up some of that Class 2 farmland. http://thehorsepark.ca/about-us/

Justus Havelaar said...

Interesting, but I'm not sure the Elections BC statistics give a useful picture. Here's an example: in our constituency the local press, basing their comments on the same statistics, reported that the local donations to the campaign of our successful NDP candidate ran something under $2000; the rest came from the provincial party. But that's really inaccurate, as almost all donations are made to the provincial party, which then retains a percentage and sends the rest back to the constituency. So in fact, in our constituency we were 100% locally financed. Is it possible the same applies to BCLiberal constituencies?

RossK said...

Thanks MM --

Will have a look



Thanks also.

I agree that it is not an entirely unusual picture, which I copped to in the post-script.

However, things are not the same re: individual little guys vs. pay-to-players, in terms of the numbers of donors or the aggregates donated when it comes to the Libs and Dippers.

That aspect of the ALC to-be-hogtied-in-the-North story, which has nothing whatsoever to do with Rodeos and pretty much everything to do with Resource Extractors, is coming soon.

(alternatively you can head over to Norm Farrell's place to see that he has already told the real story)


cfvua said...

You are right on all counts. And the smell lingers on some questionable land transactions undertaken by the good Minister when he was a lowly city councillor. Who does he think he is, John Les?? And isn't the constitution still a pain?or some such thing? The irony being that the independent candidate is actually a farmer and agrologist who understands things a little better. But the sheeeple were scared to elect him for fear of their jobs. A fact that the Calgarians made very plain at work sites.

Unknown said...

Ross: Re: my previous comment, compare list of Board of Directors of Horse Park to list of councillors and support staff of fortstjohn.ca. Some interesting results in light of McLeod's defiance of ALC ruling.

RossK said...

Thanks Mark--

Post comin'