Thursday, June 01, 2017

These Doomed Days In Clarkland...The Cronification Of Everything Is NOT Over.


This just in from Sam Cooper of Postmedia:

The last two open lots on a prime False Creek Flats development site owned by four B.C. universities have been offered in a confidential untendered sale to several Vancouver developers, in a deal that must be approved by the B.C. government.

According to information reviewed by Postmedia News, the confidential sale proposal by the Great Northern Way Trust — a land-development group involving BCIT, SFU, UBC and Emily Carr University — came together in May. Circumstances of the deal, which must be approved by the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Advanced Education, seem to underline the high stakes at play in B.C.’s new uncertain political terrain...


...A person with knowledge of the deal said the four universities that are shareholders of GNW must approve the deal before June 15 so that it can be put forward for government approval...


Is it possible we now know the real reason that our current fine premier is willing herself to be humble through June?


I highly recommend that you go and read Mr. Cooper's entire piece.

However, you may wish to slip into an ice water bath first to keep your blood from boiling over.

Especially when you recall...




Ed Seedhouse said...

*One* of the real reasons.

North Van's Grumps said...

Chip Wilson:

Anonymous said...

"A search of provincial donation records shows that PCI companies have donated approximately $265,000 to B.C. political parties since 2005. Of that total, $2000 was donated to the NDP and the rest went to the Liberals.

Chip Wilson has donated $150,000 to the B.C. Liberals personally, and he has donated $57,500 to the party through his Low Tide Properties company, records show.

Jo Delesalle, the chief financial officer of developer Dayhu, sits on the GNW Trust Board that has recommended the deal. Delesalle is also a member of the Emily Carr University board, appointed in July 2015, according to the university’s website. Dayhu has donated approximately $340,000 to the B.C. Liberals, records show." - Sam Cooper

RossK said...


Just 'one' of the reasons, indeed.



Thanks for the backgrounders.

Is the project finished yet?



The multiple layers weaving and crossing inside tracks in this maze of conflictyness really is really something to behold.

I, for one, await Mr. Cooper's unraveling of said tracks.


What is the rest of the Lotuslandian proMedia up in arms about?


Apparently, John Horgan wrote this letter...


Anonymous said...

So when is the perception of "Graft", not to be seen as "graft". This real estate deal, should not be allowed through until a thorough review of current policy with regard to the protection of taxpayer rights, and public lands given as endowments be scrutinized as to their disposition.
The perception of involvement of particular individuals in this transaction, leaves a question of propriety in the air. This is too close to an assumption of " something is not quite right here".

Crankypants said...

Isn't it amazing that so many questionable business endeavors that require provincial government approval end up favouring those business entities that have made major donations to the BC Liberal Party? It seems to me that if anyone condones the status quo as to how our political parties currently are allowed to accept political donations must have their heads parked so far up their nether regions that they can see their pearly whites.

Off topic. Is there any way of determining whether Christy Clark made more appearances in the Legislature or party fundraisers during her tenure as our Premier? The answer would go a long way to determine where both her and the BC Liberal Party's priorities lie.

North Van's Grumps said...

Six months before the 2013 election ...... Christy Clark and Chip Wilson, have an announcement .... the province will kick in $12 million and KPU will kick in $12 million and Chip Wilson will kick in $12 million. That's $24 million from taxpayers ....

Chip Wilson, might be good at designing clothing; his lips should be sealed on matters related to the anatomy of one gender wearing his designs; ... and when it comes to building buildings ..... he and the Premier shouldn't make any promises on the FINAL, FINAL, ABSOLUTELY FINAL opening date(s) an allow only one year to build after site preparation is completed.
Friday, December 7, 2012 10:30 AM

The project is scheduled to break ground in the fall of 2013 and is estimated to generate 293 jobs during construction. It will be ready for a student intake in September 2015.

Site Preparation:
Work is expected to begin on Monday, Dec. 2 and will conclude in May 2014. Construction of the building will begin the following month, June 2014, and will be completed in July of 2015.

Construction of the Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design is scheduled for completion by the end of 2017, with students starting classes as early as January 2018.

e.a.f. said...

guess they don't want to use it for affordable housing so the people who work in Vancouver can afford to rent in Vancouver. Oh, well I'm sure Christy's people will do well and we the taxpayers will .........