Sunday, October 24, 2004

The 0.5% Solution

49° 06' North; 122° 49' West
Alternative Title: Screwing Us with Our Own 1/200th

That phenomenal sales tax cut that is getting so much CanWest play (subscription) is not exactly as pure as the Ivory Driven Snow because 1/200th is exactly what 0.5% is.

And don't forget, it was the S.S. Gordon Campbell that saddled each and every one of us with that extra sliver of the sales tax pie in the first place while they simultaneously gave away entire pies to the chosen few at the top of the heap in the form of annual high percentage income tax rebates.

Regardless, now that they've given us back that 1/200th they took from us in the first place, it appears they expect us to jump for joy and elect an homophobic PR fixer in the upcoming Surrey Panorama by-election.

How else to explain the fact that Commander Campbell has, according to CBC stringer Jeff Davies, cleared the bridge and sent 11 cabinet ministers, 9 back benchers, and dozens of political staffers out on the hustings to stump for said homophobe this weekend?


Our favorite local counterweight site, 'Have You Had Enough Yet?' which is masterminded by an Al Franken to call our own, Bill Piket, has a nice take on the entire Pinocchio version of this story.

Update: Thanks to reader JS for pointing us to the excellent "progressive tax burden way down/regressive tax burden way-up" analysis by Will McMartin in the Tyee.

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