Monday, October 11, 2004

JimmyP Gets Beat

49°13' North; 123°06' West

In our rant on aggro-solicitious bus shelters that should be sent packing under Little Lord Mayencourt's Safe Streets Act, we suggested that, given his billboardian track record, a man named Pattison might have been involved in this latest debauchery of Vancouver's civic life.

We were a little off base, not about the whorish ads on the shelters themselves, but instead about their pimp.

Seems that JP had nothing to do with it this time, not that he didn't try. It's just that he lost the contract to a huge French/American conglomerate that bamboozled the City's old NPA Council into taking future trick projections rather than solid money upfront.

Charlie Smith has the story in last week's Georgia Straight.

What's interesting is the fact that so far the number of tricks actually performed (ie. 'projected revenues') are coming in way low. Thus, so far we've prostituted our streets for a lousy 22% of $780K.

Me, I'm wondering which of the new Wards will be the first to mount a campaign to push all of those gigantic 2-dimensional, non-ambulatory streetwalkers out of their area and into Shaughnessy where they belong.

(thanks to AD for pointing us towards Smith's piece)

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