Sunday, October 31, 2004

Us vs Them

The 3rd Rock From the Sun

Heather Mallick (Oct 30, Globe & Mail Subscription) nails it for the 95% of the World's population that does not live in the United States:

"Eight or nine people in the Pentagon, ultra-ideologues with a thing about Iraq, somehow managed to take over the U.S. government, with their president being a stupid man who truly believes he can bring democracy to every nation in the world by means of bombing. Spare us from the true believers......

.....The first lash that would accompany a Bush victory was initially mentioned on the British talkboards, but it is only now occurring to Americans that the rest of the world had to this point politely distinguished between them and their dreadful president. The world rather favoured American culture (thank you, Bruce Springsteen) and indeed its individual citizens. But if Bush wins, then Americans are as one in the eyes of the world. You found out what he’s really like and you still re-elected him; you’re it....."

Ms. Mallick then details how panicked Democrats will be forced to consider cross-border anti-draft child protection, health and sanity measures which would be very prudent of them, particularly if the status quo North and South of the 49th holds such that we remain Us and they remain Them.

Gazetteers like us, however, who try to pay attention to things like borders and co-ordinates, are not so certain that that status quo, or even the border itself, will hold.

After all, US ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci spoke in Kelowna BC just last night about how the latest Bin Laden tape demonstrates that the two countries must form a UFNA to prevent the end of the world as we know it.

The UFNA is not one of those old world acronyms from Johnny Lydon's 'Anarchy in the UK'.

Instead, it is a Canadian 5th columnists wet dream - United Fortress North America.


If you don't remember Mr. Cellucci you should because he's the very same BushCo accolyte who told Us that very bad things would happen to our security and our economy because we didn't join the coalition of the unwilling and help to kill 100, 000 Iraqis for no good reason at all.

Luckily, we had a government that resisted the clarion call to naked aggression way back then.

But now?

Well, just hours before Mr. Celluci's announcement, which was made in the riding of the Shrubbery's intellectual equivalent, Stockwell Day, our current Prime Minister announced that the OBL video proved how much work we have to do together with the U.S. to erase the Terrorist scourge from the world forever.

Kind of makes you wonder if ours is a nation on the verge of a nervous breakdown as We prepare to become Them.


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