Monday, October 04, 2004

Wild is Still on His Side

40°65' North; 73°95' West

A lot of folks, myself included, mourn the fact that Lou Reed no longer regularly performs Metal Machine Music at decibel levels much beloved by vulcanologists.

And some have become downright concerned about the Wild One's heavy reliance on the Jane Scarpatani's cello playing on his recent album 'Animal Serenade'.

Which begs the question - Has Mr. Reed gone acoustic?

The answer is, it doesn't matter, as evidenced by this recent interview with Brent Banbury on CBC Radio.

BB: "Why do you like the cello so much?"

LR: "I like the cello for the same reason that hip hoppers like the bass in their boom boxes.

BB: (clearly dumfounded) "Why is that?"

LR: (pauses) "For the Power."

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