Monday, October 25, 2004

Freedom is Not Free - Especially on CableTV

33°39' North; 84° 26' West

Anybody who still thinks the term 'free press' is not a complete oxymoron in the United States was absolutely ecstatic about the fact that Jon Stewart, a comedian pretending to be a Newsman, went on CNN last week and beat the rhetorical and the literal crap out of Tucker Carlson.

Mr. Carlson is a Cable/Public TV switch-hitter. He is alse the preening little glob of smirk who aspires to be the next coming of a bow-tied George Will, but in reality owes his everything to the fact that his Dad, big Dick, is actually the former boss of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a group that has swung so far right that it has totally castrated both NPR and PBS (beware the eyes of the Aspers, oh CBC).

But there are worse cases of former public broadcast talkingheads that have lost their marbles on cable-TV. One excellent example is Judy Woodruff who, in the inimitable words of Not-So Jersey James Wolcott, should be kept indoors by CNN because:

".... whenever the wind musses her hair, she loses her train of thought."

Wolcott also picks at the rotting carcasses of a gaggle of so-called objective, middle of the road pundits that includes Adam Nagorney, Howard Fineman, Charlie Rose and Chris Matthews.

This may seem like trivial and gratuitous media bashing, but it is not.


Because, struck dumb by the realization that they do not have a hope in hell of actually influencing real world events, the Rovians are going whole-hog with a last minute blitzkrieg to influence that very same gaggle of reality-challenged CableTV pundits, particularly those that are completely incapable of recognizing said reality even when it glistens, plain as day, on the monitors right in front of them.

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