Sunday, October 24, 2004

Rovians - Spin This!

The Bunker - Lat/Long Unknown

Let's say you were a president who bet the farm on convincing the electorate that you are the war president, defender of the realm.

Now let's say you were a president who was warned, in advance, about a huge cache of conventional explosives in a country you were about to invade.

Now let's say you were a president whose secretary of defense, after he had been warned, did nothing to secure those weapons after you had invaded the country.

No let's say that insurgents/partisans stole all those unguarded explosives and started using them to blow-up your troops.

Would you be a president in trouble with the 'security and strength' side of the electorate?

Probably not, unless it was front page news in, oh say, the New York Times.

It's not even just the lies and naked agression anymore. Instead, it has become a matter of absolute and total incompetence. Clearly the only thing that the Rovians are good at are costumes on TV. Unfortunately, this is not a world run by caricatures straight out of the Village People.

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