Saturday, October 16, 2004

Don't Drink The Kool-Aid

48°39' North; 123°26' West

Waitlists for orthopedic surgery have grown by leaps in bounds in British Columbia since the SS Gordon Campbell took over:

"....There were 11,000 people on the list in June 2001 when the B.C. Liberal government took office. The latest figures show there are now nearly 21,000 people in B.C. waiting for orthopedic surgery."

That is not a misprint. The wait lists really have almost doubled in this, the New Era of the Great Dismantling.

Now, a dispassionate observer, or even a clear-eyed Neandercon, might conclude that this means there is, indeed, a problem with the system.

But that person would not be Lieberal Health Minister Colin Hansen.

In fact, Hansen went so far as to suggest yesterday, when talking to CBC Vancouver's Rick 'I'm more than just a sports reporter' Cluff, that doctors it actually the doctors who are at fault because they are putting patients on the list early because they know there is a wait list and, thus, they are trying to pre-empt it.

Ya, sure.

And if you believe that twisted bit of pandering pretzel logic we can help you wash it down with a Big Gulp-sized flagon of iced Kool-Aid that we keep right next to the cuspador for just such purposes.

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