Friday, October 08, 2004

The Franco-Orwellians Are Coming!

38° 40' North; 90° 15' West

We realize that we've been sidetracked by the American election lately but the outcome is so important to everyone that it's hard not to pay at least a little attention.

Our verdict on Kerry/Bush II ....... Kerry by a TKO.

Most importantly, Kerry was clearly going after the all important swing vote (ie. he was willing to go out on a limb and take some chances) while the Shrubbery was playing almost entirely to the base (ie. war, war, war, anti-abortion, anti-tax, anti-freedom, anti-foreigner, anti-worker, anti-universal healthcare and, oh ya, war, war, war, war).

There was one point, however, where the Shrubbery did extend a twig.

It was a gnarled and diseased twig to be sure, but it was a gesture all the same.

Specifically, Bush ran through a litany of double-speak, anti-environmental programs, told us he was going to design a hydrogen car, and then concluded that this proved that he is really on Mother Nature's side (as long as she's not actually a woman, or a muslim, of course).

This was laughable in the extreme and Kerry nailed him for it. Specifically, Kerry flat out stated that Mr. Bush was being Orwellian.

Almost immediately, the Shrub's eyes glazed over as if he was trying his damndest to remember where he'd heard that dastardly foreign-sounding term before (couldn't possibly remember the septally deviated Yale Days of course, so probably had to go all the way back to references from Prep School at Andover).

And yet somehow Shrub managed to got ahold of one of the cobwebs in his ESPN/NASCAR-addicted mind because after a few moments the smirk returned and then came the Cheneyesque snarl of recognition that an evil intellectualizer was in his midst.

All of which got us to wondering, is it possible that GeorgeW thinks GeorgeO was actually a snivelling Frenchman?

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