Wednesday, October 13, 2004

We Can Run, But We Can't Hide.....

33° 04' North; 111° 09' West

....Our Flu Vaccine, that is.


In Bush/Kerry II the Shrubbery said that Americans shouldn't come to Canada for cheaper prescription drugs because we're a third world nation and, thus, our drug supplies are not safe.

Now it is our children, our old, and our infirm that are no longer safe.

Because tonight in BushKerry III, Twiggy, as the Shrubbery is now known since it was discovered that he was one helluva cheerleader in between s(n?)ports at Yale, said that, in order to make up for a shortfall in the US caused by trial lawyers(??!!), he was coming North to get our Flu Shots (ie. "Operation Vaccination Liberation").

Strike another blow for freedom. Specifically, the freedom of a private American multinational drug maker (read: Chiron) to be bailed out once again, this time after it screwed up and outsourced such important public health item.

Sure glad to hear that our socialist system, a system that truly is to the Left of Ted Kennedy, can be used to help out Big Chief Neandercon in his hour of need.

Third world indeed.

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