Thursday, October 28, 2004

Won't Cry For Thee Sammytina

49° 13' North; 123° 06' West

Still waiting for that 'complete list' of KnoWards bagmen from Sam Sullivan.

In the meantime Sammy is crying poor.

Seems he spent $45,000 of his own money despite the fact that real estate middle man Bob Rennie was giving him free full page ads in the Vancouver Sun.

And now he's facing the possiblity of legal bills and a $5000 fine for continuing with the ad blitz on the day of the referendum.

Never one to be daunted by reality our Sam had this to say about his, and his cronies, possible criminal culpability.

....He said the threat of criminal charges is hanging over everyone's heads. "A lot of people are upset about it."

Frances Bula has the story.
(and for once it is not behind the CanWest SubFireWall....hmmm, have their advertisors noticed the huge drop in flow through web hits?)

Update 8:30pm: Reader AG points out that perhaps 'never silent' Sammy doth protesteth too much. After all, didn't he meet with his high powered lawyers yesterday and hasn't he been all over the radio and TV bemoaning his poor, poor fate today? In other words, is it possible that Sammytina using his crocodile tears and his sure to be taken care of 'debt' as sympathy 'get of jail' free cards. After all, as AG point out, in addition to the fine there is a possibility of slam time if Sammy is found guilty.

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