Saturday, October 30, 2004

Schreck on Surrey

49° 07' North; 123° 06' West

David Schreck has a similarly themed, but much more nuanced, take on the Surrey-Panorama by-election as we do.

However, one additional bit that we missed is the fact that, despite the conventional wisdom spouted by BC's cuckolded mainstream media, a Lieberal loss was not a foregone conclusion:

"....Anyone who looks at the map of electoral districts can see that the new constituency of Surrey-Panorama Ridge consists of neighbourhoods that traditionally vote against the NDP.

The Campbell Liberals will try to minimize the damage by talking about how long it has been since a BC government has won a by-election, but what would they say if they lost a by-election in West Vancouver? Surrey-Panorama Ridge is little different...."

Reader, and Giant '98 addict, LC let us know that Will McMartin also pointed out that S-P should have been a shoo-in for the SS GordoC while he was on Michael Smyth's Thursday night's post-game show.

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