Sunday, October 10, 2004

What Would George Bailey Think?

36°10' North; 115°10' West

It's kind of like a variation on the 'Shoe Fly' Song.

In other words, Squeegie Kids Don't Bother Me.

No Sir.

Because I can always decide whether I wanna toss 'em a loonie, chat 'em up for the duration of the red light, or, just wave 'em away if I'm not in the mood.

But if I'm sitting at the bus stop on a dank, wet Sunday night for half an hour there's no escaping the back-lit, siliconized, 8 ft tall Amazonian in the revealing lingerie with the salad bowl-sized bra cups right at eye level....or the scowling Eminem look-alike with the Viva Las Vegas shades, no shirt, and more tatoos than Rod Steiger or Ray Bradbury ever imagined.

Bus Stop Porn. That's what I hate.

And I'm pretty sure that Frank Capra would have hated it too.

So much so that if he were to re-make 'It's a Wonderful Life' today you can bet that Mr. Capra would have included a little BSP in that scene where George Bailey comes back to Pattisonville....errrr.....Potterville's main drag with angel Clarence in tow only to find that the entire place has been turned into a hopped-up 24hr gin joint that has corrupted Bert the Cop, soured the soul of Ernie the Cab Driver, and tossed Violet Bick out on her ear.

Of course, there's no telling what Capra would have done with VLTs.....

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