Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Dust-Up

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It was nothing on the scale of atrios or the freepers or anything, but a recent post by Sean Holman over at Public Eye really got the juices flowing going in the local gallery.

It all started with a relatively restrained post from Mr. Holman, who's been doing a pretty good Mencken impersonation lately (ie. looking down his nose before swinging both left and right to bash whomever he sees fit), about the possibility of a hotshot banker named Paul Summerville running for the NDP in the next election.

This got everybody, including the waygone lefties, the thirdwayers, the newpragmatists, the centrists, and even the redmeateaters going.

Heck, even Charlie Smith jumped into the fray, which is worth having a look at, if only because this kind of thing is sure to become a major recurring theme in the next few months.

(for the record, we're still stuck somewhere firmly in the fireswamp between the waygoners and the thirdwayers....dangerous territory indeed; we're gonna have to make a decision one way or the other pretty darn soon)

Update: 4:30pm Sat Oct08.
Reader CK points out that while Public Eye, or even the Tyee for that matter, don't generate atriosian comment numbers one thing they do have is diversity in the comment threads. In other words they're not just preaching to the choir as is so often the case on the major American blogs.

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