Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Bobblehead Doll


Apparently, when he goes on 60 Minutes tomorrow night, former CIA Boss George Tenet will be selling his book and blaming everyone but himself at the same time.

Former CIA man Larry Johnson isn't buying it:

Sorry George. Too little and way too damn late. You had ample opportunity to blow the whistle on the Bush bullshit but you played ball. I do not give a damn whether you did or did not say the case for war was a "slam dunk". You signed off on Colin Powell's presentation to the United Nations. You, more than any other U.S. Government senior official, were in the unique position to know that the Secretary of State was selling a pack of lies. And you sat behind him nodding affirmatively like a bobblehead doll.


When the Bobblehead's bobbing wonder if that Presidential Medal of (anti)Freedom bounces up and down too?


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