Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Whose Piloting This House Anyway?


Now this is interesting.......

The NDP says ICBC President Paul Taylor should step aside while the government investigates claims he helped a Liberal-friendly lobbying company win a contract while he was still the deputy minister of finance.


Finance Minister Carole Taylor revealed today the government has hired KPMG to review the allegations, but she says at this point these are just claims in an e-mail--not enough reason for Taylor to step aside.

Sure, no reason for the good Mr. Taylor to step aside whatsoever.

But here's something even more interesting.....

The NDP has released internal e-mails from officials with Pilothouse Public affairs that suggest Paul Taylor helped them win a contract with the New Car Dealers Association of B-C to lobby the government back in 2003, when Taylor was deputy minister of finance.

So, a former Deputy Minister of Finance (read underling of: COLLINS, Gary) was allegedly helping Pilothouse get contracts.


Where have we heard that name before?

Oh, yes - here it is:

The informant (RCMP Cpl Andrew Cowan) says that indictable offences have been committed, namely, THAT, on or between April 01, 2002 and December 31, 2003, at or near Victoria, British Columbia, Udhe Singh BASI, being an official, specifically a Ministerial Assistant for the Minister of Finance, Provincial Government of British Columbia, did accept from Brian KIERAN, for himself a benefit, to wit: receiving of monies in connection with a matter of business relating to the government, contrary to Section 121(l)(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada.
Search Warrant, Sworn Before A Justice of The Supreme Court of British Columbia, Oct. 2004
Released to Public, Apr 03, 2006 (pdf)

"....out of respect for the integrity of the legal process, I will make no comments about the case prior to my appearance as a witness for the Crown.''
Brian Kieran, former co-proprietor of the Pilothouse, then the K&E, lobbying firms
Vancouver Sun, Apr 3, 2006

Anybody want to go for a ride on a train?


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