Thursday, April 19, 2007

B.C. RailGate, Day One

Where's Gordo?

Mr. T. (a.k.a. Bill Tieleman) has an excellent and comprehensive summary 0f Day One of the RailGate trial over at The Tyee.

It is the kind of thing that you won't find at any mainstream media organ in all of Lotusland.

Again, in addition to the defense allegation that then Finance Minister Gary Collins was under investigation in 2003 before the raids on the Legislature, one of the things that I find most interesting about Day One is this, according to Mr. T.:

Among the serious charges levelled Wednesday by Kevin McCullough, defence lawyer for Bob Virk, in B.C. Supreme Court:

  • That B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell was allegedly tipped off about part of the police investigation into David Basi by B.C. Liberal party executive director Kelly Reichert in June 2005
  • That the investigation Campbell allegedly heard about was a Crown counsel report into "media monitoring" contracts the BC Liberals had with Basi and whether there was any wrongdoing
  • That Basi's "media monitoring" contracts allegedly were "a highly political effort to sway public opinion through the use of radio shows and other events"

Now those are some allegations.

And given their potential political impact, wouldn't it be interesting to hear from either Mr. Reichert or Mr. Campbell about their veracity?

Or lack thereof?

Unfortunately, however, that has not been possible because, apparently, Messrs Reichert and Campbell have not been available for questions.

Again, from Mr. T. (with an assist, 'allegatedly', from Sean Holman):

The BC Liberals' Reichert did not respond to e-mail and telephone inquires by deadline.

Premier Campbell was not in the legislature for question period or at the B.C. Liberal caucus meeting, and therefore not available to media for questions about the day's allegations.


So, given all that, maybe some other people might be able to answer a couple of questions for us, the public.

First, could somebody please ask Mr. McCullough if he is, indeed, in possession of a 'Crown Counsel Report' that outlines Mr. Basi's involvement in a 'media monitoring' operation?

Because, if such a report does actually exist, on real paper, with real signatures, well, that would add considerable weight to the allegations.

Second, given that the alleged 'media monitoring' contracts were allegedly "a highly political effort to sway public opinion through the use of radio shows and other events" and given the evidence that the BC Liberals have been shown to be fond of pushing 'wedge issues on a silver platter' in the media to sway public opinion in the past, could someone not start asking questions of local producers, hosts, editors, columnists, and reporters who work for the mainstream media organs in this province if they have ever been approached to carry out such highly political efforts to sway public opinion?

Oh, and while they're at it, they might want to ask the same question of some pollsters too.

But certainly not lobbyists*.

No siree.

*Unless, of course, they are Pilots who don't fly planes and/or cast members of 'The Dobranos'.
Speaking of the Dobranos, it looks like the clan's chief capo might be feeling a little heat himself today.


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