Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What Did Mr. Campbell Know, And When Did He Know It?


So, the Defence came out swinging in the first day of the BC RailGate Trial today.

And one of the haymakers they threw, according to Bill Tieleman who was there, was this one:

(Robert) Virk's lawyer Kevin McCullough alleged in court that Premier Gordon Campbell was informed by BC Liberal Party Executive Director Kelly Reichert in June of 2005 that RCMP were forwarding a report to Crown counsel on David Basi's alleged "media monitoring" contracts with the BC Liberal Party.

Now that's a pretty strong allegation so, also according to Tieleman, Sean Holman went looking for the Premier to get a response.

Only one problem - Mr. Campbell was nowhere to be found:

Premier Gordon Campbell was not in the Legislature for question period today nor did he attend a BC Liberal Party caucus meeting, according to my colleague Sean Holman of 24 hours and Public Eye Online, so was not available to reporters to comment.


Wonder if maybe Mr. Campbell might have been trying to avoid getting himself caught up in one of those 'media monitored'-type honeytraps of the kind that Mr. Basi was, allegedly, once, apparently, paid to set-up by Mr. Campbell's own party?

Or some such thing.


Story is developing over at Mary's where I'm sure the Anon-O-Mice are all set and ready to go to work in the comment threads.
Mr. T. (Tieleman) will be on Michael Smith's radio show between 8 and 9pm tonight, which can be streamed from here. I, for one, will be listening to see if I recognize any of those voices as belonging to Mary's Mices.


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