Monday, April 02, 2007

Is There A Presumption In Law.....

....Of Public Access To Documents In B.C.?

Or, is it all, as Bill Tieleman suggested earlier today, just a rapidly disappearing figment of the public's imagination?

And don't go asking the mainstream media, because none of them were there for the latest cancelled court date in the run-up to the Great Disappearing BCRailgate Trial.

Robin Mathews, who was there, in person, for the unannounced cancellation of today's hearing has the story:

The event took place in courtroom 53, and as "ordinary Canadian", I was there. There was a little tidy-up business involving the Extradition Act before the Basi, Basi, Virk pre-trial conference. The gallery was large, with very few people in it. Obviously, the absent press and media people knew something I didn't. The Extradition business quickly done, Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett left the courtroom. The one other remaining person and I asked the clerk about the pre-trial conference. "Oh," said the clerk, "that's been postponed until April 12." And she graciously asked me not to take too much time getting out of the (to be shut) courtroom........

As Mary asked, only half sarcastically, regarding the officers of the court that keep giving us, the people, the brush off:

Clearly it is time to stop ignoring the whiff of the marsupial wafting off of this thing, because this has moved way past ridiculous.

Remember - the alleged deal/deals went down in 2003.

It is now 2007.

And nobody's wheels of justice, even if they are kangaroo-driven, should ever grind that slowly.



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