Monday, April 30, 2007

Would You Like A Can Of Luncheon Meat.....

......With Your Oilslick?


David Beers, The Tyee guy, had a very important opinion piece in the Globe on Saturday in which he took 'Steve' Harper to task for making moves to end the 35 year-old ban on Supertanker travel through B.C.'s Inside Passage.

Of course, there are likely very many scary things behind the thin edge of that stinky, not to mention downright dangerous, wedge that will be soon be hammered into the public's opinion by Mr. Harper's team of professional obfuscators.

However, as Mr. Beers pointed out as an aside, we should not forget that our own Mr. Campbell and his Ministerial Minions have also been pullin' their weight and workin' hard to make it all happen:

Megaprojects, megabucks. It's an intoxicating vision for some. The B.C. Liberal government as well as Harper's Conservatives are working hard on it. One who is leading the charge is Minister of Natural Resources Gary Lunn, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands.

And make no mistake it's more than Ministers like Mr. Lunn and Disco Dick Neufeld who are workin' it.

Because, from the very beginning Mr. Campbell has had his own well-paid band of merry pranksters running around the province who have been attempting to whirlitzer up support for an end of everything moratory, not to mention regulatory, associated with oil and gas and tankers and drillin' off of B.C.'s coast.

And this group makes Prem (not Spam) Vinning and David Basi and everyone that may (or may not) have worked with and/or for them look like pikers.

Because, unlike 10, 20 or even $50K per year spread around amongst a bunch of bumbling 3rd rate talk show dissemblers, the 'Oil and Gas Team' has been running with multimillion dollar annual budgets that allows them to spread around tens of thousands in a single shot.

Here's how we characterized them and their activities in a piece called: 'Hacks Drill Us' from way back in ancient times (ie. 2004) with assists from the Globe and especially S.M. Holman from Public Eye:

"The provincial government has awarded Shaw Communications Inc. a $77,000 contract to produce and air two televised town hall meetings on the impact of offshore oil and gas development.....

"Former CHEK TV legislative reporter Robin Adair, a government relations consultant with WCG International Consultants Ltd. and Victoria Chamber of Commerce vice-president, was subcontracted by Shaw to find and schedule panelists for the show...."

So, if Mr. Adair is already a government public relations consultant and he is being subcontracted by Shaw to stack the panel for the government while being paid with govt' money awarded to Shaw, is this an example of P3 cubed?

One would like to think not, at least if you were to take the statements of Steve Simons at face value.

"...according to Offshore Oil and Gas Team communications director Steve Simons, those meetings won't be broadcast until after the federal election because the government doesn't "want to stir the pot." Mr. Simons also says the province is taking a hands-off approach to the project."

One of the problems with Mr Simons' propaganda, however, is the following: the Offshore Oil and Gas Team that Mr Simons shills for is itself nothing more than a Neo-Lib PR scam that with a $6 million per annum budget completely funded by us (ie. you and me).

And it gets worse. Specifically, the Offshore Oil and Gas Shills have been described, by that notoriously anti capitalist rag the Globe and Mail, as.....

"A B.C. government "swat team" (that) is devising detailed policies for oil and gas drilling near the Queen Charlotte Islands, hoping to entice energy giants to exploit offshore riches.

Hacks indeed.....setting us, and our environment, up to be drilled by the Multinational Resource Extractors all over again, and with our own money no less.

Now that type of stuff is scary enough to contemplate, just on its own.

However, don't forget that when Disco Dick and his Posse went down to Houston recently something very interesting, and potentially alarming, popped out of the mouth of the Exxon V.P in charge of exploration of the 'Americas', which was also discovered by Mr. Holman's spade work.

"E-M (William T. Drennan, VP, Americas - Exploration) felt the 2006 dialogue with First Nations and Communities were positive."

Hmmm......what's that all about?

And does it have anything to do with this?

Stay tuned.


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