Friday, April 20, 2007

It's The Dichotomy, Stupid!


In our previous post we raised the issue of the veracity, or likely lack thereof, of Mr. Baird's statements about the economic effects of keeping our Kyoto commitments yesterday.

But, of course, facts don't matter as long as you manage to whirlitzer up a dichotomy in the public's mind.

And this time around, as our good friends at the NaPo make clear, the dicotomy is:

Pro- and anti-Kyoto forces use equally apocalyptic language to make their points. Scientists have warned that the Northwest Passage could melt completely as a result of global warming. But the government charged yesterday that meeting Canada's commitments would send the country spiralling into a recession to rival those of the past.

So, why would the Cons want us to have this false dichotomy rattling around in our heads?

My bet is that they've done their mega focus group groping and their deepest of deep sea troll polls and what they've discovered is that, in addition to all of the base, a good chunk of the swing vote will, when push comes to shove, choose the Econoline Van over the Breadline.


Isn't there an old Neil Young song in there somewhere?

Thanks to Holly Stick over on the POGGE comment threads for the duplicitous dichotomy tip.
BTW, the image at the top is straight from the NaPo. Remind you of another ridiculous story they helped whirltizer up using haunting, WWII-type images? Can't quite call it up......? Here, let me help.


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