Thursday, April 26, 2007

Slaying The Playdoh Dragon


So, last week John Baird made up this story about a scary, evil dragon called Kyoto that read like something from Robert Munsch on Ibogaine.

And then he spent the weekend making a Playdoh replica of the thing.

And, finally, yesterday at circle time, he squished it flat as a conthropomorphic pancake.

Who knew?

Who knew that they destroyed the federal daycare program as a prelude to turning the entire federal government into one.


*And we are in no way suggesting that Mr. Munsch would ever actually do something as irresponsible as imbibe in something as illicitly illegal as Ibogaine. Because we're almost certain that he leaves that kind of stuff to the truly crazy writers of great imagination who like to go Thwap! Thwwap!! Thwwaap!!! Twwwwaaapppp!!!! in the night.


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