Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Link?


So, I've been sifting through the defense allegations in the RailGate Trial again.

And I can't help but go back to these ones, as laid out in full by Bill Tieleman in The Tyee:

Among the serious charges levelled Wednesday by Kevin McCullough, defence lawyer for Bob Virk, in B.C. Supreme Court:

  • That B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell was allegedly tipped off about part of the police investigation into David Basi by B.C. Liberal party executive director Kelly Reichert in June 2005
  • That the investigation Campbell allegedly heard about was a Crown counsel report into "media monitoring" contracts the BC Liberals had with Basi and whether there was any wrongdoing
  • That Basi's "media monitoring" contracts allegedly were "a highly political effort to sway public opinion through the use of radio shows and other events"
  • That RCMP Inspector Kevin DeBruyckere, a key Basi investigator, "was and still remains the brother-in-law of Kelly Reichert"

Now, while I understand that this media monitoring crap goes on all the time, I still don't like it.

Which I made clear already.

But then, as I was reading through the 'he said/she said' invective on the comment thread attached to Mr. T's post, another thought popped into my head.......

What if it's not the actual 'media monitoring' contract itself that matters but rather who drew it up?

More specifically, what if the contract is a link between Mr. Basi and the person who enlisted his services to do such a thing?

And what if that second person was NOT Mr. Basi's boss at the time, Mr. Collins?

And if that is the case, therein, perhaps, lies the reason for the alleged 'tip' from Mr. Reichert to Mr. Campbell.

So, again, what I would really like to know is the following:

Does a Crown Counsel Report on the matter really exist, and if so, does it indicate who actually did the contracting?



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