Monday, April 02, 2007

Droppin' The 'G'


Back in the days before Borat, there was Ali G, a man known for his gang-bangin' bloviatin' interspersed with bizarre interludes of slanglified anti-colonial British quasi-erudition that disarmed everyone, including the victims who knew, upfront, that they was bein' bamboozelified.

One of my favorite was the one in which Mr. G. interviewed Noam Chomsky (see above). The discussion of the sexual orientation of people that are bi- and/or multi-lingual was better than Ezra, e.e. cummings, and Allen G. combined (best minds of our generation hysterical naked and all that, wot?).

All of which just serves as a disjointed prelude to the following question - Is Sacha Baron-Cohen responsible for the epidemic of 'G' droppin' that middle-aged North American whitebread male Pol's now partake in whenever they wanna be soundin' extra straight-shootin' serious while they be shovellin' the shite.

From George Bush to Gordon Campbell, they all do it.

And as soon as you hear it you know the codswallop's coming.

Point in fact, I heard Mr. Campbell doin' it this very day when he was tellin' us peeps that he was makin' sure that we gonna be gettin' the best value possible from the harder-dey-come hardest workin' man folks over at VANOC.

Which is, apparently, 'Fo' real'.

To which we, who have been payin' attention, can only answer:

'You sure you ain't be connin' us fo' fools agin' der LINOman?'


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