Thursday, April 05, 2007

Forget About Must See TV.....

......Because Today's Public Eye Is Required Reading For All Of B.C.

I must confess that, while I always enjoy his non-stop, ahead-of-the-curve spinmeister notes, I've had the feeling that S.M. Holman has been scuffling a little bit lately.

Now this may be a little unfair, and it may be driven by my own feelings of disappointment over the fact that Mr. Holman has not, at least up until now, made the Great Railway Swindle his next CareNet-type expose.

But all of that kind of talk/concern became moot this morning.


Because Mr. Holman has three rapid fire posts up that should knock everybody's socks off, especially the socks of anyone who has an interest in the 'real' intentions of our current 'built-for-goodtimes' provincial government and the corp-master flashes they love so much......

The first post is called 'Kinder Surprise' about the Bush Ranger-led enterprise that is getting a tighter and tighter grip on our former assets and now, apparently, wants to start making policy as well.

The second post is called 'Let's Make A Deal' and it outlines the lengths to which the 'Built For Goodtimers' and CorpMaster Flashes will go to hide things from us, the public, that used to own the assets that are being sold off to the Flashes.

And the third, called Drilling For Consent' details the disturbing details of a meeting between Disco Dick Neufeld and the good folks from Exxon in which the latter asked how they could "help move the (offshore drilling) moratorium and public opinion."

Great, great stuff, indeed.

And it looks like much of it is the result of some excellent FOI spade-work by Mr. Holman.

Amazing what one guy with a computer, some contacts, an ear to the ground, and a willingness to do the real journalistic grunt work can accomplish.

Really amazing.



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