Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mary and the Anon-O-Mice Win Again


Sure, sure, sure.

Even CanWest got on the bandwagon today and let us know that the LedgeRaid Trial is now set to begin next week, but on April 18th instead of the originally scheduled Apr 16th.

But BC Mary got it right first.

Regardless, I can't wait to read the eyewitness citizen journalist accounts of the action in courtroom over at Mary's place from the the likes of Robin Matthews and Georgine.

And that, coupled with the continued in-depth analysis of the publically available documents by the likes of GWest and the rest of the Anon-O-Mice will bang the anemic coverage of the big media organs* like a gong, I'm sure.

Which, after all this time, effort and energy, is just how it should be.


*The work of Mr. T., Bill Tieleman, excepted of course.

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