Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another Montebello Video



Aaron Eckman of the Pacific Tribune has low resolution images of the much sought after 'yellow triangles'. It's a nice catch by Aaron - but I am not convinced as these things could just be CSA approval labels or some such thing. Personally, I would still like to hear what the RCMP spokesmodel has to say regaring why there were no arrests given that these people were armed and threatening, broke through a police line, and were led off in hand-cuffs.

Ostensibly, this post is not about the alleged provocateurs at the Montebello protests that have become the talk of the Bloggodome, a story which has even slipped over the top of the dam and splashed down onto the mainstream media via the Canadian Press.

After all, I've already gone on at some length about that story here and here.

Before I move on, however, it's important to point out that, whatever the ultimate answer turns out to be re: "police/not police" regarding the provocateurs there most certainly was a hero to that piece, regardless.

And that person was the union guy Dave Coles who defused a potentially explosive situation in which someone could have been seriously hurt.

And he did it all without a full helmet and face shield, without body armour, without a gas mask, without a truncheon and without a tear gas cannister-firing rifle.

So, having said all that, this post is actually about a video made by the same guy that made the provocateur piece, Paul Manly, from Nanaimo.

This video also speaks for itself and in so doing demonstrates the lengths to which the fine folks that currently control our country will go to suppress the voices of anyone, even when they are 10,000 voices strong, from being heard if the message is different from the one(s) they are pushing:

And as an aside, it's interesting to note that Ms. Barlow shows up in both videos.


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