Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No Definitive Proof or Concrete Denials


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Earlier today Dave Coles (the man who shamed the bandana wearing rock carriers in the infamous video at the Montebello Protests) and labour groups held a press conference, ostensibly to present evidence that they said would prove that the apparent provocateurs were police.

Unfortunately, there have been no detailed reports from that press conference.

However, Mr. Coles was on CBC Radio's 'As It Happens' this evening and during the interview he did not offer up any definitive proof of a link between the belligerents and the authorities.

Admittedly, Coles did make a persuasive argument based on strong circumstantial evidence.

And, as Dana at the Galloping Beaver likes to say:

"Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk."

Still it is not definitive positive proof.


And how about the other side?

Well, we've gotta hand it to Joan Bryden, who really helped to break this thing wide open with her CanPress story yesterday at a time when the other wire service pablum was positively fawning for the police and craptacular for the protestors. And today Ms. Bryden went right back at the RCMP and the Surete du Quebec and kept on asking the right questions.

But still she got nothing definitive as the denials continued get more plausible in their non-deniability:

The Mounties and the SQ, the two police forces involved in summit security, continued to refuse specific comment on three alleged undercover officers caught on camera in an apparent bid to incite a confrontation.

But they denied using agents to provoke violence.

"I confirm (to) you that there are no agents provocateurs in the Surete du Quebec. . . It doesn't exist in the Surete du Quebec," said Const. Melanie Larouche.

RCMP spokesman Cpl. Luc Bessette said the Mounties do "not use tactics that would encourage confrontation or incite violence.

And then, out of the blue, the Mounties rolled out the really big propaganda catapault for the first time.

(RCMP spokesman) Bessette (also) said the RCMP cannot discuss details of security measures for major events such as the summit because "to do so could jeopardize the integrity of our operations for future events."


Sure wouldn't want to demonstrate any integrity at this late date because to do so would jeopardize that teensy-tiny amount of the stuff that you have left.



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