Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stageleft Calls It........BootGate!


And Stageleft asks some very good, important questions about the alleged 'provocateurs/trouble makers' with the masks and rocks who slipped through a doubled line of riot-clad police officers during the SPP demonstrations, as well:

[1] Why were at least 2 out of he three trouble makers wearing boots identical to those worn by riot police? What are the odds of this being a coincidence?

[2] Why did the three trouble makers receive markedly different treatment from other protesters?

[3] Why were the three troublemakers unknown to others at the demo?

[4] Why were they so very adamant that their faces not be shown?

[5] Where are they now? Are they still in custody? Where?

Now, let's hope that those questions get asked, repeatedly (as in over-and-over-and-over again) by the pro-media, until the stonewall of the RCMP and the Surete du Quebec begins to crumble?

And as I've said a number of times already (during those moments of above water lucidity when I'm not reaching for my snorkel), Joan Bryden of the Canadian Press has done a great job so far of trying to get answers to most of Stageleft's questions.

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