Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Day After The Turds Stopped Blossoming


It has been 24 hours since Karl Rove announced that he was stepping down as the Cheney Administration's top Shrub jockey.

And in that time there has been all sorts of speculation about what the man the horses like to call 'Turdblossom' will do next.

Some have suggested that Mr. Rove will cash in and start collecting, bigtime, from all the media refs that he has been working the last twenty years.

Others think he will write a book, to be published in 666 chapters by Regnery.

A few think he will start secretly riding that 'Law & Order' guy in the next Presidential stakes race.

And some of the shrewdest have even suggested that Rove might actually team up with the Harold Ford Call Girl b/w Willie Horton and go all the way with the M.C. Rove thing.

But I think they may all be wrong.

Because, if Josh Bolten, the current Cheney Admin chief stable boy who allegedly forced Rove's hand last week is right, a now freed-from-the-bases Mr. Rove may be well positioned to become a world famous scientist.

To be more specific, a stem cell scientist.

Which, as incredulous as it seems, is not a completely kooky hypothesis without some merit.

At least based on the supporting evidence.

Speaking of which, here's our take on Mr. Bolten's views from awhile back. They first surfaced in response to an uncharacteristic blizzard of real questioning from the Cheney Admin's stand-in weekend stall-cleaner/manure-shoveler, Tim Russert:

Bush Administration Chief of Staff Josh Bolten was on 'Press the Meat' today.

And a funny thing happened on the way to the slaughterhouse, because host Tim Russert actually decided to bare his teeth. In a discussion on 'murder', Russert asked Mr. Bolten if he agreed, or could find one credible scientist that backed up Karl Rove's contention that adult stem cells have shown far more promise than embryonic stem cells.

After mightily obfuscating for a while and saying he himself couldn't comment because he wasn't a scientist Mr. Bolten finally went on the offensive and blurted out:

"Karl knows a lot of stuff."

To which, particularly as it pertains to the concept of totipotency, we would ask:

"About what?"

Totipotent destruction of the world as we know it excepted, of course.



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