Thursday, August 16, 2007

Save The Golf Course!!!!!

.......Kill The Park!!!!


A lot of folks with lots of money and lots and lots of connections are really upset that their beloved LINO's are contemplating giving the UBC Golf Course to the Musqueam Native Band.

And one of the most upset is a very fine fellow named Marty Zlotnik.

But Mr. Zlotnik has a solution.

A very, to say the least, bizarre solution:

....Mr. Zlotnik, who has been a fundraiser for the Premier in the past and organized annual leaders' dinners for Mr. Campbell, said he and his fellow activists will take their case to the Musqueam in a bid to save the 78-year-old club.

They are fine-tuning a pitch to encourage the 1,200-member Musqueam community to seek a 48-hectare piece of the Spirit Park in the University Endowment Lands instead of the 48-hectare course in Mr. Campbell's prosperous Vancouver-Point Grey riding.

And you want to hear something even more bizarre?

Mr. Zlotnik is also a freaking Vancouver City Parks Board Member.

Which, based on the evidence now available, appears to be akin to putting David Hasselhoff in charge of Nuclear Physics at MIT.

Or even a hamburger stand.

But it gets even better than that.

Because here's Mr. Zlotnik's rationale for why it is worth destroying a Park that is open to and beloved by, everyone, not just the rich who can afford the occasional exhorbitant green fee or fifty:

Mr. Zlotnik, a lawyer and partner in the ZLC Financial Group, says the Spirit Park land is better because it could be developed immediately towards a value of $600-million. That figure is based on an estimate of the park land being worth $5-million an acre.

I have a better idea.

Maybe we should just give Mr. Zlotnik and his 'activist' buddies the entire University of British Columbia so that he can demolish it, get rid of all the students, especially the ones with loans and/or beards, and then put in a 36 hole uber golf-club, build even more condo towers, and finish it all off by erecting themselves a small, but ultra-elite, private college with 98.7% legacy admissions where the SUB and Main Library are now.

These people really are shameless.

And brazen.




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