Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Those French......

.....They Have A Different Word For Everything


At first, I couldn't quite figure out how the Harpoon was going explain the new french guy to the Dube when they get together over Anschluss Cakes next week in Montebello Quebec.

But then I realized that Mr. Harper could just explain it away by telling Mr. Bush that Maxime Bernier is the perfect choice because he is the new 'Foreign' Minister.

And we're pretty sure the Shrubbery will buy that, straight-up, with a slivowitz chaser


In tangentially related news, I unfortunately lost a bet with my friend Crazy Pete (at 19-1 odds) that Mr. Harper would make the current Minister in charge of Oil-Soaked Nukuleer Explosions, Mr. Gary Lunn, the new Minister of the Environment to protect him from the hard charging Briony Penn in his own riding of Saanich and the Utopialands.


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