Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where Are The Little Yellow Triangles?


Update at bottom of post with link to photos of ' wrist restraints'

The google-bombing has begun in earnest on the story of "were the black clad, bandana wearing, rock holding belligerents at the Montebello protests who disappeared into a police line never to be arrested and/or heard from again actually agent provocateurs who were trying to incite a police response in the face of otherwise peaceful protestors?"

And the heaviest phrase that is hitting us is embedded in this paragraph, which we quoted from Joan Bryden's Canadian Press report that hit all the wires a few hours ago:

Late Tuesday, photographs taken by another protester surfaced, showing the trio lying prone on the ground. The photos show the soles of their boots adorned by yellow triangles. A police officer kneeling beside the men has an identical yellow triangle on the sole of his boot.

Now, we too have been unable to find that image of those apparently matching triangles*.

However, YaYaCanada, who has a fantastic photoessay up from the protests, did have this to say about the apparent location of the scuffle:

Back in the "green zone", people are dancing in the street, still monitored by the cemetery ghouls. All hadn't gone so peacefully there, I found out later. See the video (YouTube) and read the report (Harper Index) of the police provocateurs that caused a ruckus in the place where we were given to believe was the most unexpected place for altercations.

Did you get that?

If YaYa is right this apparent attempt at blatant provocation actually took place in one of the 'safe zones' where there was actually nothing of significance for the police to even 'protect'.

This does not smell right.

And it most definitely does not sound like Canada.

Of course, much was made of images in the not so distant past of a yellow geometric image for which there was no evidence whatsoever. Funny how our current PM got involved in making immediate comments about that incident as well. Although those comments weren't about the 'sadness' of it all. Quite the contrary.
Cliff, who also has a wealth of knowledge about the labour movement, is on the story as well.
Update: 9:00pm - The Ottawa Sun has now updated the Bryden CP story with the sub-head of: " Had rocks and police boots". Also includes the non-denial denial at the end of the piece from the RCMP and the Surete that reads: Neither the RCMP nor the Surete du Quebec would comment on the video or even discuss generally whether they ever use the tactic of employing agents provocateurs. "I cannot answer your question because I don't have the information" said Const. Kane Kramer, a spokesman for the RCMP at the summit.
LinkToPhotos: Here are 17 still images from the flickr account of 'KaterKate' . They match the three alleged provocateurs from the YouTube video. No yellow triangles, but the men were clearly restrained with plastic hand-cuffs prior to being 'led-away'. So, why then do the police have 'no information'?


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