Wednesday, August 22, 2007

When Triangles Met Kerning?

Double secret-probation update: here they are.....
Triple-Not-So-Secret-Cat's-Outta-The-Bag? Update: The CEP says it has proof coming....



Update - Margaret, from the comment threads comes through - see bottom of post

Thanks very much to everybody with the tips on the much discussed 'little yellow triangles' on the bottom of the boots of the police and the alleged 'agent' provocateurs who appeared to be trying to disrupt a peaceful part of the demonstrations at Montebello Quebec.

But, as I said last night, and as BigCityLib and Bene D make clear this morning - it is important not to go off the deep end on something like this, as it could be all sorts of things, form vibram logos to CSA approvals, or even some sort of bizarre kooky-koolaid-koloured-kandy test double-secret-probation calling card.

Or something ridiculous like that.

Regardless, what is more important now is for the media to push the RCMP to explain what actually happened to these poor, helpless 'disappeared' men with the rocks, the masks and a belligerent attitude who pushed their way through a police line, were pushed to the ground oh so very gently, and then taken away in plastic hand-cuffs.


Also, while katerkate's photos, which are fantastic and to which we linked last night, have some evidence of the k00ky-koolaid-kandy logo, these do not appear to be the photos described in the original CP Wire story by Joan Bryden because she, Bryden, described the alleged provocateur as being lying down, not being led away in the picture.
Update:'s the photo that, I would give pretty good odds, is the one that Ms. Bryden saw before she filed her original story (and before her editors let it pass through the filter). Thanks Margaret!
Doube-secret probation update: Photo turns out to originate from CUPE website - interesting.


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