Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Montebello's Revenge


CanWest, who have been having their gong banged on this story by the Canadian Press for the last 24 hours straight*, finally weighs in on the bandana wearing, rock touting, belligerents who pushed their way through a police line at the SPP Demonstrations on Monday.

And while it's pretty weak, way after the fact, round-up type stuff reporter Andrew Thompson does make a couple of interesting points.

Point #1 - The peacemaker in the original YouTube video, Dave Coles, is claiming, but not offering definitive proof, according to reporter Thomson, that the rock-touters were police:

“People have the right to peacefully protest something they don’t like,” said Dave Coles, president of the Communications, Energy, and Paperworkers Union of Canada. “They think that they have the right to infiltrate us as they’ve done before. But to be packing large boulders, they were going to do something with those rocks and it wasn’t peaceful.”

A video shot by the Council of Canadians’ Stuart Trew and posted to YouTube shows Mr. Coles angrily confronting the trio and demanding they remove their bandannas and identify themselves

Point #2 - That, unlike what the CBC is reporting, the Quebec Prov. Police are still being cagey.

Police would not respond to the allegations Wednesday, only re-confirming that two men and two women were arrested during Monday’s protest.

“We don’t get into strategic details of what we do,” said Const. Jayson Gauthier of the Surt du Quebec."

Please take note: None of the 'two men and two women' who were arrested most definitely were were not any of the bandana-wearing rock-touters who crashed through the police cordon.

Funny how CanWest was way, way, way faster pulling the chute on this one though, eh?


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