Monday, August 27, 2007

Surveillance 'Lite' Doesn't Hurt A Bit


As the co-host of CTV's 'Question Period' and the Globe and Mail's 'senior political reporter' Jane Taber is watched and read by hundreds of thousands of Canadians each and every week.

So when she writes the following about the 'surveillance as freedom' it is difficult not to take note of it:

Summit (ie. government? Surete du Quebec?) organizers hired a cameraman to monitor the protestors so that the live pictures could be beamed back to the leaders at the Chateau Montebello during the two-day event. The TV monitors were set up in the hotel. This is consistent with the protestors' human rights and court assertions that that protestors be seen and heard.
Ottawa Notebook, Aug 25, 2007 (behind subscription wailing wall)

Now I'm sure Sandra Buckler loved that bit of straight-up stenography.

But the next bit is downright unbelievable.

"However, according to a summit (ie government? Surete du Quebec?) officials, protestors turned on the camera operator - who in effect was working for them - roughed him up and broke his camera. So he quit."

Now we are in no way condoning the roughing up of anyone, be it by protestors or black clad 'summit officials' in bandanas and boots (ie. we really have no way of knowing which is which these days now do we).

However, based on this little tidbit that titled 'Protest TV' in her column last Saturday we can't help but wonder if Ms. Taber also thinks that the Laurence Olivier/Dentist character in Marathon Man was actually billing Dustin Hoffman's character when he was ripping his teeth out and asking....

"Is it safe?"


For a grown up look at the surveillance = freedom issue in the NewConOrder, please see Klein, Naomi, who we're pretty sure is read by at least a few, maybe even ten, thousand Canadians every month or so.


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