Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blackclad Boulder-Bearing Belligerent Round-Up


Welcome Kossacks, Shakesvillians and ye' old over the MoonO'Bam refugees from the Whiskey Bar!

Yes, there does appear to be something rotten, or at least a wee bit stinky, in Canuckistan these days.

And at least a few of us Cheeseheads aren't willing to just hold our noses while we carry on with our otherwise reasonably safe and sedate UHealthcare-assisted lives.


Essentially what we have so far i is the following....... A group of bandana wearing, rock-touting belligerents that tried to provoke a protester/police clash at the ThreeAmigos/anti-SPP demonstration in Montebello Quebec on Monday.

When confronted (shamed is more accurate actually) by an unarmoured and unarmed labour leader named David Coles the belligerents made a break for it.

Except that they did not dissapear into the crowd

Instead they broke through the police cordon and were immediately 'taken' into custody.

And it was all caught on video.

Now, nobody yet knows for sure if the belligerents were themselves police or if they were afilliated with the police, but there is some reasonably strong trout-in-your-milk-type circumstantial evidence that seems to implicate them as such.

And those circumstances are more than just the yellow triangles on the bottom of identically treaded boots that everybody involved appears to have been wearing.

Anyway, if you would like the nitty-gritty and blow-by-blows of the story so far, you can just follow the following half-a-dozen posts below.

What we're waiting on at the moment is a report form Mr. Stageleft who was at a press conference earlier in the day where the man who stared down the belligerents was supposed to have presented evidence demonstrating that the belligerents were in fact policemen.

Oh, and case you were wondering, the MSM dam, which our current PrimeMinister and his flack-hacks are usually very adept at shoring up has shown distinct signs of cracking on this one with reports in the Canadian Press, the Toronto Star, the Globe & Mail (our Grey Lady) and, even, finally, the Iranian Badge Zombie makers themselves, CanWest Global.

*The trout-milk reference is courtesy of Dana at the Galloping Beaver who currently have a very good round-up up themselves, courtesy of Dave, cut-to-the-chase chaser extraordinare.


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