Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Garbage Strike Conspiracy


We remember the exact moment we realized that a guy named James, not Jim, Green, who had been driving around town in a big green bus he couldn't pay for, was going to get just enough votes to help make Smilin' Sammy Sullivan the mayor of Vancouver late on a November Saturday Night in 2005.

Here's how we called it at the time:

Vancouver numbers are here.

Sullivan beats Jim Green by 3747; James Green takes 4273.

Differential, 526 (James).

And Christy Clark (on CKNW) says, "you can't steal an election in a democracy".

Say what?

The thing is, despite circumstantial evidence, nobody could quite pin the deal on Sammy's Army and/or the folks whose 'Reflections' he may soon be able to bask in when he passes the plate glass windows of Lotusland's newest big box stores that are on their way.

But none of that matters now, because no matter who, if anybody*, really bankrolled James-Not-Jim's Big Green Bus Deficit of $15K (see image above), there is no avoiding the fact that his actions directly contributed to Smilin' Sammy's election which, we would suggest, has greatly contributed to the stink we now find ourselves in.

*But here's the turns out there is a bizarre tangential financial/fundraising connection between the Glimmer Twins. Details soon to follow......
For those not down and dirty with Vancouver Civic Politics, Jim Green was the front running left of center candidate for much of the last election campaign. Jim ultimately lost by fewer votes than the guy with no ideas, no platform, no hope and no money, but lots of bus-assisted profile, garnered whose name is exactly the same as Jim's except for the fact that he used James on the ballot, and thus came first....


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